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Located at lobby level along the walk-in street, Green Leaf café is a chatting bar that hotel residents can gather for fun and relaxation or do business in an elegant atmosphere and harmonious sounds background, while sipping on drinks and enjoying freshly prepared dishes in the wide range list.


 Lotus Center is an all-day dining restaurant that serves various types of cuisine from Europe, America to Asia, especially Halal food.  Its windy balcony with a nice view overlooking bustling Saigon is a good choice to create a dreaming party, dine out or celebrate special events of the year.



More than 60 delicious dishes at the heart of Ho Chi Minh city, on Dong Khoi shopping street. Very Vietnamese space with “áo bà ba” (a kind of shirt used by South Vietnamese people) and “going gánh” (bamboo pole with two baskets). Buffet Gánh, the pioneer, since 1998, brought Vietnamese popular countryside dishes and Saigonese hygiene street food in the boutique hotel.


The spacious restaurant offers comfortable dining area, uncluttered buffet lines, open kitchen for cooking shows of Vietnamese pan cakes, spring rolls, sea food, …Whether a family gathering or an intimate dinner, Buffet Gánh restaurant will satisfy any appetite.


 Impress guests with delicious dishes and delicate service from Bongsen Hotel Saigon. There is an extensive menu of Vietnamese and Western cuisine to choose, especially HALAH food, ranging from deluxe appetizers, sumptuous main courses to mouth-watering dessert and lots of holiday dishes